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Have you been wanting to dive but don’t have a buddy? Looking for people with similar interests? Maybe just wanting more bottom time? Join The Dive Tribe today and meet new people and make local diving a bit easier.

Membership Benefits include:

  •         2 Free Dive Trips to Looe Key Reef (Your first one with the Club and a Birthday Dive)
  •         $4 Air Fills
  •         $55 Additional Dives (Regular Price $70)
  •         Monthly Members Only Events
  •         Group Trips
  •         1 Free (Optional) Skills Update per year
  •         10% off at Looe Key Dive Center
  •         10% off courses at Looe Key Dive Center

Membership fee is $100 for the year, $175 for a couple and $50 for children under 15.

Stop by Looe Key Dive Center to ask us more or give us a call at 305-872-2215.

NEXT EVENT: December 22nd, Tribe Only Drift Dive