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About Looe Key


Originally established as The Breezeswept Hotel and Restaurant in 1959, and later renamed Looe Key Reef Resort in the late 1980's, we've been a landmark on Ramrod Key, sharing Florida Keys waters and Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary longer than anyone! We've grown a lot since those early days, with the diner transforming into our dive shop and the addition of the Tiki Bar. But, we've never lost that classic Keys feel, passion for the ocean, and the joy of sharing it with our visitors. As an all-in-one Dive Resort, the dive shop, boats, classroom, pool, hotel, and restaurant are only steps away from each room.

It's all about the water in the Keys and we're all about sharing that with our visiting divers and snorkelers. Become a certified diver or just enjoy a day snorkeling with us followed by live music and delicious food in the Tiki Bar, or take the short drive to Key West. We invite you to enjoy the "lower, slower Keys" with us.

Our Crew

Will Fox - Lead Instructor

Will has been diving since the dawn of time. Once, the personal Divemaster of Sponge Bob Squarepants himself, Will has since climbed the ranks in the Diving world to achieve the prestigious rank of Grand Poobah. A title which holds no significant power, but he will still rub it in your face every chance he gets.

Captain James

Captain James has been with Looe Key since 2006. Before Looe, he had a stint as the Lead Singer for Twisted Sister, until he ruined his vocal cords while recording "We're Not Gonna Take It". He now uses his velvety soft voice to summon dolphins to the boat on the way back from the reef.

Captain Ron

Just like the legendary Captain Ron from the film, Ron has done it all. Anytime anything needs to be added or fixed on the boat, he's the man! Usually found driving our six-pack boat, the legend of Ron has grown with each passing year. If you ever get the chance to be on his boat, be ready for a good time and a great story!

Mark Molesworth - Assistant Instructor

After a brief stint as Sonny Crockett's stunt double, Mark became an Athletic Director in the cold tundra of Wisconsin. Now that he has found a warmer residence in the Keys, his background has helped him become one of the best Assistant Instructors you can find!

Diane Lundy - Assistant Instructor

After a Career as a Navy Doc, Diane now gets the pleasure of everyone in the shop asking her to help with their scrapes and boo-boos. Once she's done with that, she enjoys helping with classes and guiding divers around our beautiful reef!

Renee Inman - Instructor Trainer

Renee leads the dive team with an iron fist, although with students she is as nice as anyone. There once was a rumor that she sacrificed a Divemaster just to get good viz on the Adolphus Busch, although no proof has ever been found. She will reach the rank of Grand Poobah after she finally beats Fox in a battle to the death and takes his place.

Captain KT

After a prestigious career as a marine biologist, KT hung up her science cape and donned the captains hat for Looe Key. Also affectionately known as "that woman with dreads" by most of our guests, KT has been a staple of the Crew ever since.

Kim Glessner - Instructor

Kim escaped the landlocked barrens of Kansas to the tropical paradise of the Keys. Not only does she brighten our shop with her smile and laugh, but she also helps shape the future of diving down at the College of the Florida Keys in Key West! 

Tom Delatte - Instructor

After a full career in the Navy, Tom apparently has not had enough of the ocean. Not only is he a great instructor, he also helps at the College of the Florida Keys and can fix any gear we throw his way.

Stef Korol - Shop Manager / Instructor

From the dark lands and mean streets of Detroit, Stef's passion is Underwater Photography. Legend says that her photos are exceptionally good, but will also steal your soul. But if you don't believe in such stories you can get a great memory of your trip from her and her trusty camera.