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VIP, Air
Standard annual VIP for air, no additional service, with fill $24.99
Guaranteed by next morning $34.99

VIP, EAN/Nitrox
Standard annual VIP for EAN/Nitrox, no additional service, with 32% fill $34.99
Guaranteed by next morning $44.99

5-year hydro test, includes VIP and air fill $50

BCD Overhaul AirControl

Annual service for Aircontrol and BCD   Price on request

BCD Overhaul AirTrim
Annual BCD service AirControl    Price on request

BCD Overhaul Ergo
Annual service for BCD with Ergo infl   Price on request

BCD repair
Price on request

VIP - additional labor
Price on request

Reg service
Price on request

Regulator Inspection 
Price on request

Regulator Overhaul Warranty
Price on request

Regulator Overhaul, Non-warranty
Price on request