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LED Tank Module


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Hoseless air integration is the new standard. Pair your Mares Icon Hd, Mares Quad Air, or Mares Genius dive computer with this Mares LED Tank Module. It transmits tank information directly to your dive computer. The color LED alerts you at the surface to run a quick tank check. Its bright color also alerts your dive buddy of a low air situation mid-dive. The module conveniently runs off of a replaceable battery and uses a long-lasting LED light. Move around underwater with one less hose to worry about with the Mares LED Tank Module. Compatible with the Mares Icon Hd, Mares Quad Air or Mares Genius dive computer Transmits tank information to your dive computer Color LED alerts you or your dive buddy to a low air situation Green LED represents a full tank and red means low Only needs to be paired once Runs on a replaceable CR123A battery Certified to 300bar

Transmits tank information to dive computer.
Currently compatible with all Mares air-integrated computers

Color LED for quick tank check on the surface
Color LED alerts buddy of low air situation during dive
Permanent pairing
EN250:2014 certified to 300bar
Battery type: CR123A, user replaceable