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Why Become an SSI Dive Pro?

If you’re not the type to do things half-way, or always look for the short cut, then SSI is the right program for you.

You’ll have world-wide recognition and acceptance with Dive Centers in over 110 countries - because they’ll know you earned it!

The SSI Difference

The SSI education goal is to make divers, not j​ust teach people to dive or issue certification cards for participation.

From Free Diving to Scuba to Technical Diving, SSI offers something for everyone.

You’ll be supported by the most advanced and educationally valid training system in the industry, with uncompromising standards and modern methodology.

Imagine a completely digital system from course materials to certification cards - over 30 languages - available at the click of a mouse.

But in the end, making divers comes down to you. Do you have what it takes to produce a comfortable and competent diver with the passion to be a lifelong diver?

If you do, talk to us to learn how to take the first step.

It's a completely different lifestyle!